FAQFrequently Asked Questions

We have a fleet of 5 RHINO RIDERS. The Rhino Rider is a 11 ft (3.5 m) inflatable with a center console that can seat two people, one in front of the other. It is powered by a 30 HP outboard engine and is controlled by a steering wheel and throttle lever. Rhinos are exclusive to us.

No boat license required, Rhino Riders are easy to operate. If you can drive a car, it comes natural to you.

Yes. You can bring light snacks and drinks (no alcoholic) with you that you can eat on the island when we stop. Please respect your environment and do not litter!

Yes, there is. Maximum for the RHINO RIDER is 225 kg / 500 lbs.

Anyone aged 3 years or older can participate. However, the person driving the watercraft must be at least 18 years old.

Rain in Abu? There are only a few days in the year when we are forced to reschedule or cancel due to bad weather. It's very rare that it rains all day too. If anything, you shall have the option to reschedule.

Our Rhino Riders have compartment, which are splash proof but not waterproof. The general rule of thumb is if you wouldn't dip an item in the water, don't bring it with you.

It's normally a dry ride. You can wear anything that is comfortable but keep in mind an occasional splash can occur. You can wear a bathing suit under your clothes if you want to swim. Bring a camera, sunglasses, and sunscreen with you, towels for the swimmers. For the things you don't want to get splashed (keys, wallets, etc.), we will provide you with ziplock bags which can be stored in the boat compartment or in dock locker.

You'll get accustomed to driving your watercraft within seconds. The watercraft is controlled by steering wheel, so it feels just like a car. There are no pedals to worry about either. Push the throttle up to go forward, pull it back in neutral to slow down and stop. And of course our guides and staff are always there to guide you through every step of the way.

No, we do not arrange transportation to and from our Rhino Base unless special requests for groups. On the other hand, it's very easy and convenient to grab a taxi to and from. Just ask the driver to take you to Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara and walk to the marina promenade.

Weather-wise, all the departures are pretty much the same. If you take the first tour, you'll be back just before lunch. If you want to sleep in (you're on vacation after all), or if you're planning for a late breakfast, take the midday or afternoon. The last tour has the coolest weather and it's a great way to end the day. Whichever time you choose, you'll have a blast!

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